Nursing Home Rescue

Congratulations to Governor Mead, Wyoming Department of Health Director Tom Forslund, local activists and especially local nursing home director Melissa Elliott on finding an operator to rescue the Rock Springs nursing home!

In stunning developments today, Forslund announced during a conference call that EmPres Healthcare Management would take over the Rock Springs facility effective May 19, 2015. This represents quite a change of heart for the Department of Health, which as recently as five days ago insisted that it was simply impossible to accomplish a change of operations within even 60 days.

After initially announcing last Friday that the State would temporarily take over the operations at the Deseret Rehab skilled nursing facility in Rock Springs, by the next day things looked grim as the Wyoming Department of Health seemed poised to move residents out of the nursing home as quickly as possible. After a flurry of phone calls and pressure applied by local activists and elected officials, however, the State then backed off and announced Monday that it would give the home a week to find a new operator.

As state senator Charles Scott noted, there needs to be serious discussion for a more orderly method of dealing with nursing home insolvency in the future. Forslund said he was working on that.

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