Stand Your Ground Bill Passes House

The Wyoming House of Representatives passed HB 168, stand your ground, by a margin of 47-11 on Wednesday.  The Senate passed a similar measure, SF 71, earlier in the week. Differences between the two versions will be hammered out in a conference committee, and chances of passage seem high. Rep. Clark Stith, R-Rock Springs, is a cosponsor of the House version and voted yes.

Stith’s Medicaid birth cost recovery bill, HB86, passed the House on 3rd reading Tuesday 38-19 and now goes to the Senate.

Stith sponsored an amendment to a school finance bill, HB 140, that would have capped school superintendent salaries at the level recommended by the education funding model ($106k base salary per year plus regional cost adjustment, which adds an additional approximate $24k per year for Sweetwater Dist. No. 1 and about $20k per year for Sweetwater District No. 2).  Stith noted that 44 of Wyoming’s 48 school district superintendents are currently paid more than what the state’s consultants recommend, on average by 22 percent.  The salary cap amendment failed on a voice vote.

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