Tough Week For Harvard Law Grads

During his Senate testimony on March 21, 2017, Harvard law grad and US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was asked, “would you rather be attacked by a hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?”

Barack Obama had faced the same question on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session in August 2012.  Obama staff debated the answer.  Conventional wisdom is that Obama would have preferred fighting one horse-sized duck to avoid killing a hundred tiny horses live on CNN.

Gorsuch took no position.

A federal judge has sentenced a different Harvard law school graduate to 40 years in prison for the 2015 kidnapping of Denise Huskins from her boyfriend’s home in Vallejo, California.

The kidnapper apparently intended to abduct the victim’s boyfriend other girlfriend, with whom the Harvard law grad had a prior relationship, but kidnapped Huskins by mistake and then decided to ask for ransom.

Huskins’ bad luck got worse.  After the kidnapper released Huskins two days later and 400 miles away in Huntington Beach, the Vallejo police department accused her and her boyfriend of faking the abduction  on its facebook page.  “Given the facts that have been presented thus far, this event appears to be an orchestrated event and not a kidnapping” according to the Vallejo police in 2015.

The Vallejo police had found it suspicious that the victim was carrying an overnight bag and wearing sunglasses when she surfaced in Huntington Beach.

But Muller confessed to the crime and got a 40 year prison sentence.  The Harvard law grad had left his cell phone at the scene of an unrelated burglary he committed.  That cell phone led federal investigators to Muller’s involvement with Huskins’ kidnapping.

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